Noise Barriers

Overview of FONONCON Noise Barriers 

A1 Highways is the only company in Australia to exclusively provide innovative and groundbreaking state-of-the-art noise barrier systems.

Also known as noise wall, sound wall, and sound barrier, we provide the supply and installation of all noise barrier types from concrete to aluminium.

Working exclusively with our partner- – Fononcon – the supplier of noise wall applications, we are the only Australian company to offer the supply and installation of highly absorbent, light-weight, aluminium noise barriers, that are designed for outdoor noise mitigations.

Our Noise Barrier Systems Include, but are not limited to:

  • Absorptive Aluminum Noise Barrier (using 100% recycled aluminum)
  • Reflective Noise Barrier
  • Concrete Barrier


New, innovative products have emerged on the market, which offer a superior cost effective solution to concrete and wood noise barriers. These reflective and absorptive solutions have a more efficient turn around and

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longer overall lifespan.

  • Easy installation and maintenance (no cranes or heavy lifting)
  • Can be incorporated with other marterials
  • Custom Panels: size, shapes, colours, clear, graphics
  • Fire resistant, anti-graffiti coating
  • Minimal repair, low life cycle costs
  • Fits standard post support systems and can be easily relocated


The Fonocon Noise Barrier system has undergone rigorous testing and certification in Australia, having been approved with DTMR Department of Transport & Main Roads Queensland, and also with NZTA New Zealand Transport Agency.

This certification and approval promotes a sense of security and confidence in our product, allowing Engineers to ‘Design with confidence’, while obtaining the added benefits of an innovative cost effective solution for their respective cliental.

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